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Retirement is always a big talking point with representatives from Social Security, and one of the points of emphasis for them is starting the retirement planning process as early as possible.
Jack Myers with Social Security in Springfield says it's never too early to start planning for your post-working years. He explains getting the process started of setting money aside as early as possible will only be a good thing.
Myers finds many people believe they will be able to rely on Social Security through their retirement years, however, he says that is not the case. While Social Security will, and should, be a part of your retirement planning, that should not be the only income you have.
According to Myers, taking advantage of employer offered 401K matching contributions can be a huge starting point if that is offered in your workplace. He says not taking advantage of that is essentially leaving a raise on the table.
There's several resources to visit to learn more about retirement planning.
Myers says a good place to start is the government website, mymoney.gov.
He says for someone interested in starting their own 401K, you can visit myra.gov. 
He notes, those resources are not related to Social Security and are free to use. 

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