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It's taken the United States by storm and Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers calls it ridiculous.
The unsubstantiated claims of dangerous clowns in communities has taken the country by storm in recent weeks and Chief Lowers says while claims have been made in Clinton, everything is originating on social media with zero evidence of any clowns to be seen. 
Chief Lowers says the widespread reports of clown sitings is the negative result of social media on our society. He indicates his research is finding there are zero substantiated claims by law enforcement anywhere in the country. 
According to the Chief, if you are making these claims and they are found to be untrue, that is a crime and people are being arrested for making those claims. 
While claims of clowns intending harm are without proof, Chief Lowers explains someone may dress up as a clown as a joke however, that person could ultimately be putting themselves in harms way, and that concerns him.
Chief Lowers points out the infatuation with clowns has grown increasingly popular with youth in the community and calls it a great distraction to the education system locally. He also notes authorities have had to expend local resources over claims that have yet to be substantiated.
Chief Lowers also notes there are real problems to be dealt with locally and across the country like the drug problem that continues to claim lives or domestic violence but the focus has been shifted to phantom clown sitings. 

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