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Parents with children interested in being on the DeWitt County Angel Tree lists this holiday season are encouraged to get their kids signed up this Saturday.
It will be the final opportunity to be a part of the program for 2016 according to Director of the Angel Tree, Sue Calvert. She indicates the sign up session is at the Warner Library and registering is a simple process.
While the community recognizes Angel Tree for their work during the holiday season, Calvert says there's a lot more to the organization than just that. She says their Samaratin Room group provides coats and shoes and many other necessities to community children throughout the year.
During the holiday season, the programs Shop With A Cop and Shop With A Fireman are very popular. Calvert indicates the children that participate in those events are selected by Angel Tree, so questions about the programs should be directed to them and not the Fire Department or Police Department.
Through the generous support of the community, Angel Tree for 25 years has been able to help all the kids that come to them to be a part of the program year after year. 
Again, this Saturday is the final opportunity to get registered and must go to the Warner Public Library. Registration is from 9 am to 2 pm. 
For more information, contact Sue Calvert at suecalvert13@gmail.com. 

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