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The economic development arm of DeWitt County has undergone some noticeable changes in recent months, but recent news of a grant from State Farm Bank could get the organization back on track.
Kevin Myers is the President of the DeWitt County Development Council and indicates the Board has been focused on regrouping. The organization has moved from downtown Clinton to now meeting at the DeWitt County Farm Bureau building.
According to Myers, with the loss of funding in recent years, the goal of the DCDC board is to rally local support and then rebuild their reserves to allow them to go out and pursue businesses.
The $25-thousand matching grant through State Farm Bank could be a huge opportunity to get the organization back up on it's feet. David Torbert indicates the goal now becomes rallying community support with the goal of at least $25-thousand.
Torbert indicates the DCDC Board is working to provide incentives to potential member donors. He says while some things are still in the works the goal is to bring the community together and provide those donors with public recognition.
There is a deadline of December 31 to get the funds raised. Myers and Torbert thank the State Farm Bank for the grant and hope to meet the deadline to get the organization back on it's feet.
The DCDC is seeking a 15 member board with a little over half of the board seats filled. Myers and Torbert indicate they'd like board members with a community mindset and business experience.
To learn more about getting involved with the DeWitt County Development Council, contact Myers at 217-521-3143. 

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