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The abuse of opioids and prescription drugs has swept the country and has hit the DeWitt County community hard in the last year.
Because of that, local authorities are inviting anyone within shouting distance to attend a powerful program that they hope gives people a strong message to help those in need.
Addiction and recovery is the message shared by Tim Ryan, and his program, The Man in Recovery. Dr. Harold Allen with the DeWitt County 708 Mental Health Board has heard Ryan's message and says it is powerful.
Dr. Allen indicates the 708 Board is providing the fund to allow Ryan to come and speak to junior high and high school students on November 2, then Ryan will have an opportunity at 7 pm that night to address anyone in the community and surrounding areas.
One of the primary goals of the presentation is to help the community recognize when someone is on drugs and ways to get them help.
Ryan will speak on November second. He will address youth in the community during the day and then will address the community in the evening.
He will present at 7 pm in the Clinton High School auditorium. It is a free event open to the public.
Local authorities thank the 708 mental health board for the support and to Ryan for coming to the community to tell his story. 

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