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It may not impact you in your house or the people closest to you, or it very well may, but local authorities say promoting change and creating a help network for the substance abuse epidemic crippling the country and our community starts at home.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says his department has seen too often, the first hand impacts of heroin overdoses and substance abuse on the community and it has forced law enforcement to change their way of thinking. 
In an effort to help promote change and provide help to those struggling with addictions in the community, Chief Lowers says they welcome anyone who recognizes they need help to give up their drugs and other paraphernalia and law enforcement will help get that individual help.
According to Chief Lowers, the safety of these individuals should always be at the front of the minds of those closest to them, whether it's family or friends. 
In November, Chicago-native Tim Ryan will speak about his battle with substance abuse and his program, Man in Recovery.
He will present to Clinton Jr. High and High School students on November 2 then will address the community at 7 pm in the Clinton High School Auditorium.
The program is free and open to the public. 

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