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Last week, DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner announced an intergovernmental agreement with Piatt County for them to house DeWitt County inmates.
Local leaders are applauding the decision and DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg says it is that type of outside the box thinking that will help DeWitt County through a financial struggle that could be ahead.
Sheriff Shofner say right now, the agreement is short term and his office plans to evaluate how things are going in six months.
According to the Sheriff, there have been a lot changes in jail operations across the country that are forcing many communities like DeWitt County to re-evaluate. One of those was an agreement with Cook County to house their inmantes.
State's Attorney Dan Markwell indicates Cook County inmates were also filing frivilous lawsuits and it was costing tax payers.
Sheriff Shofner emphasizes the jail is not closing nor is anyone getting laid off.
The uncertainty of the future of the power plant and the amount of turnover in their corrections staff continues to be challenges that they face at the same time. 

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