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A local group who's aim to provide support for children going through a child abuse case will be hosting a special Halloween event this weekend.
The Guardians of the Children, who support young kids in the midst of child abuse cases, will be holding their annual Halloween party in Clinton Saturday afternoon. Ed Moore says it's an opportunity for anyone to come out and enjoy food, hot chocolate and bounce houses.
Guardians of the Children is a non-profit group that provides support for kids in the midst of child abuse investigations and trials. According to Moore, they are essentially a support system for the child when it comes to counseling appointments, court appearances and the overall investigation itself.
Moore says they like to refer to the children they help as 'survivors' of child abuse. He feels it gives them a sense of security and accomplishment.
The Guardians of the Children's Halloween event Saturday afternoon is open to the public.
It is from noon to 3 pm at the Elks Lodge at 1520 East South Street in Clinton.
For more information on the Guardians of the Children, contact them at 309-323-8205. 

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