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When you vote next Tuesday, the first item on the ballot will be the so called ‘Safe Roads Amendment’. The amendment will appear in lengthy legal language. If approved, it will stop the practice in Springfield of sweeping dedicated road construction funds for other uses. 
Over the past 13 years, over 6.5 Billion dollars, 500 million a year, have been taken from the road fund and put into the general fund.
Todd Maisch (M-eye-sch) is President of the Illinois Chamber of commerce.
The road funds come from dedicated taxes on gasoline and diesel, plus registration and license fees on vehicles. It is a regressive tax in that everyone pays the same, regardless of income, so diverting the money hurts those can afford it the least.
Because of the fund diversion, the USDOT says nearly three fourths of Illinois roads are substandard, the worst in the nation.
Maisch says a broad coalition of business, labor, agriculture and groups from both sides of the aisle support a ‘YES’ vote on the safe roads amendment.
Todd Maisch of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Again, the ‘Safe Roads Amendment’ will be the first item on your ballot next Tuesday

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