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Area school administrators have taken the last few weeks to analyze data from the annual school report card and Monticello Schools say theirs looks very positive.
Superintendent Dr. Vic Zimmerman indicates the school report card is a snapshot of the district and feels Monticello had a good year given all the things the report card covers.
Dr. Zimmerman feels the report card does fall short in a few areas. He says their assessments of the districts can sometimes not include different variables, like if a test was taken electronically or with paper and pencil.
According to Dr. Zimmerman, there is a lot of data available on the report card and he says his door is always open to answer questions about anything in them.
Dr. Zimmerman also points out, the report card could better define teacher attendance. Dr. Zimmerman some district consider teachers out for professional development as absent days but Monticello does not. He says that is a specific figure that might be worth a call to your local superintendent. 

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