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With the month of November starting out unseasonably warm, it's still not too late to get those gardens prepped for the winter months and the local University of Illinois Extension office has some tips for gardeners of all levels as we approach the cold days of winter.
Candace Miller, Master Gardener at the U of I Extension office, says if you haven’t already, now is the time to get those flowers or vegetables out that have died or stopped producing. 
When deciding on whether to till your garden when everything is out, Miller indicates it comes down to personal preference. She says it can help if you have organic matter to add to the garden for the winter.
Thanks to the extended warm weather this year, a lot of flowers and plants produced a lot later. She says it is possible some plants were producing late into October, which is not always normal.
Miller says if gardeners have any questions, contacting your local Extension office, as each one has a master gardener on staff. 

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