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Tuesday night at the Clinton Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the immediate resignation of Nancy Stokowski from the Board.
Superintendent Curt Nettles says the resignation comes in accordance with the upcoming election and to make the seat available for anyone that might like to run. He says it will be tough loss for the Board as Stokowski is an excellent member.
With the resignation of Stokowski from the Board, the seat now needs to be filled until the term of the position is filled leading up to the election. Nettles says anyone interested should contact him.
As of right now, any person in any district can apply for the vacancy on the board and can run for the position as well. According to Nettles, up to three from a district can be on the board and right now no district has no more than two.
Nettles indicates he hopes to have an appointment made by the upcoming December board meeting. 

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