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The Rauner administration is wasting little time reacting to the Illinois Labor Relations Board's decision that talks with AFSCME are at an impasse. As the state’s largest union held demonstrations around the state. He is moving ahead to implement a state employee merit pay plan and to extend the work week to 40 hours before overtime is paid. 
The first development of the merit pay plan will be bonuses for workers with infrequent absences. Workers, who missed less than five percent of their assigned work days from July of last year through June 30th of this year, will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus. Vacation, personal and sick days aren't factored into the number of assigned days. 
AFSCME plans a court fight. AFSCME is calling on Gov. Bruce Rauner to return to the bargaining table rather than impose his contract terms. 
Meanwhile, the Governor's budget director is offering more unflattering numbers when it comes to Illinois' economic fortunes. Numbers show the state will be seven billion dollars in the red by the end of the fiscal year June 30th and the state will have a $13 billion dollar backlog of unpaid bills. 

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