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The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington was expecting a boost in attendance that was supposed to be record setting thank to the introduction of a new exhibit. 
But that was before a record setting year came along.
Now Zoo officials are not sure what to expect but Superintendent Jay Tetzloff says October another record-setter and he's just glad the community continues to come out and support them.
The Zoo Spooctacular was a record setter and despite some challenges Tetzloff saw for the day, the crowds were upbeat and positive. He says it's exciting the way the community is responding. 
When the new flamingo exhibit was planned, the zoo planned for a spike in their attendance but after a record setting year prior to the unveiling, Tetzloff says he's been pleasantly surprised by the community response. 
Tetzloff says the weather has been a huge boost to the attendance this fall and says as things start to cool down, they anticipate a slight slow down in the attendance.
The first weekend of December, the Zoo will stay open a little later Friday and Saturday for their Wild Lights event. Learn more about that next week on Regional Radio News. 

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