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A leaning power pole on the west end of the new Clinton Save A Lot location was a major concern for local first responders this weekend.
At approximately 5 AM Saturday morning, Clinton Fire crews were called to Monroe Street in Clinton because of a  power pole on the west side of the new Save A Lot building.
The pole was leaning heavily towards the building, and while it was not knocked over, local crews indicate it was a major concern for several reasons.
First, the particular pole contained three transformers with mineral oil, which is flammable. Because it was over new store, there was concern it could lead to hazardous materials to be released, adding to the concern of high voltage lines in the vicinity. 
Authorities indicate it could have caused problems with live wires on top of rail system if collapsed, and could have electrocuted someone down the line unaware of issue. 
Clinton Fire officials notified Ameran as they stood by. They indicate the pole had broke at base with the wires holding it up for support. 
At 8 am Ameren arrived, the utilities were turned off and the pole was secured, though it is still leaning.
Clinton Fire officials indicate the situation played out positively, with no injuries and the pole remained intact, but it could have been much worse.

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