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Getting people home safely the night before Thanksgiving is the goal of a Lincoln group tonight.
Healthy Communities Partnership's Safe Ride program provides a free ride home to individuals who have had too much to drink at local businesses that serve alcohol and tonight, the program ramps up for another busy night on the eve of Thanksgiving, a holiday that has a local history of being a time for celebrating with friends who have returned home for the holiday, 
To receive a free ride home within the city limits tonight, individuals can ask their bartender for a Safe Ride ticket and they will receive a free taxi ride home.
In 2016, the number of local DUI offenses has dropped compared to years past. According to the Logan County Probation Office, only 61 individuals have been charged with DUI so far this year compared to a total of 99 in 2015. Healthy Communities Partnership wants to keep it that way and continues to work to eliminate drunk driving in Lincoln.
Healthy Communities Partnership is a collaborative organization comprised of community agencies and private individuals striving to create the healthiest community in America. 
It is supported by the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation. For more information or for updates, “like” Healthy Communities Partnership on Facebook or call 217-605-5008.

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