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Preparing Thanksgiving dinner brings together lots of different foods and local food preparation experts have some reminders as you get set to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen this week.
Caitlin Huth is a Health and Wellness Educator with the University of Illinois Extension Office and says when you are bringing together lots of different foods, the keys are to keep your utensils and surfaces clean and then keep those foods separated.
Leftovers can be a big point of emphasis as thanksgiving food has a short expiration date. Huth says to preserve those leftovers longer, you can freeze them.
Before figuring out if you want those leftovers put in the refrigerator or freezer, Huth says it is very important to get those things off the table into cooler temperatures quickly. She says, after eating, you do not want to leave those foods, especially warm foods, out too long.
Getting those meats and other foods cooked to preferred temperatures is very important. 
Huth encourages frequent hand washing while preparing Thanksgiving dinner as well. 

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