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The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is the busiest night of the year for bars in central Illinois.
With college students returning for perhaps the first time and families getting together, bar owners always anticipate huge crowds the night before the festive holiday. Police Chief Ben Lowers hopes everyone involved takes getting home safely seriously.
The Thanksgiving holiday is also one of the most traveled and Chief Lowers emphasizes taking a number of precautions. He says whether you're traveling home from school or traveling with family, always have a charged cell phone, jumper cables and a winter travel kit available.
If you're traveling a long ways, the Chief encourages getting your vehicle a once-over from a local mechanic. 
With the Black Friday shopping frenzy around the corner, Chief Lowers also has tips for the public on safety during a stressful and busy day. Stat tuned to Regional Radio News in the coming days for tips on that. 

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