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Medicare open enrollment for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage is in full swing and time is quickly approaching to get enrolled or modify those healthcare plans.


Local officials at the DeWitt County Friendship Center are reminding local seniors to contact Rebecca Wheat at the Friendship Center. Sissy Leggett, Executive Director of the Friendship Center says Wheat has been very busy, so it is best to get those appointments set up now to review your coverage.



With the open enrollment period comes the vulnerability to scams and Leggett indicates Wheat and others can help seniors decipher if a phone call or mailing is a scam.



Leggett explains there are several indicators a senior might be the target of a scam. She says agencies like the IRS, Social Security and other government agencies will not call you.



Leggett points to the DeWitt County Sheriff's office fraud prevention hotline as a great resource to utilize. She explains the best thing to do for a phone call the does not seem like it is legitimate is to hang up.



Wheat is in Farmer City on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The first Wednesday she is in Farmer City from 8:30 am to noon, then the third Wednesday she's there 1:30 pm top 4 pm.


She is also in Weldon one day a month for a couple hours.


To reach Wheat on any questions involving the open enrollment period, contact her at 217-935-4560.


To reach the DeWitt County Friendship Center, call 217-935-9411. 

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