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A safe refuge for teens and pre-teens is the goal of a Clinton mom who is working to transform a former downtown business. 
Michelle Witzke says she has been wanting to give Clinton teens and pre-teens a place where they can go to have fun, find help for a variety of life's challenges, and simply be there for students in the community. When it came time to take action, Witzke says the response was overwhelming. 
With the challenges facing the Clinton community, Witzke says it has become very apparent she needs to do something, so she is working to take the former Indecent Exposure location and make it a place for youth. She is going to call it 'The Vault'.
'The Vault' would focus on three areas, social, academic and spiritual wellness. For Witzke, involving the youth in the design and construction of the building would give them a sense of ownership.
Realizing a place like this would cost money and the youth of community could not sustain it financially, Witzke plans to allow the community access to the building for different events.
Witzke says she has support and excitement within the community for this idea. She says school leaders, religious leaders and law enforcement are behind it and hope to see it thrive.
Witzke notes, they have started a social media campaign using the hashtag-"OpenThaVault".
Hear more about The Vault on WHOW Monday morning, when Witzke joins us at 9 am. 

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