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It's been a long time in the works, but officials in Monticello are excited for the next step in getting a new water treatment facility in the community.
Monticello Mayor Larry Stoner says this has been a project the city has known about for some time. He explains the city is essentially in need of a new water treatment facility, as theirs is extremely dated.
Mayor Stoner says the city previously had gone out for bid for the project but the bids were very high. Just recently, the Mayor indicates a grant opportunity became available that is going to make the project not only affordable, but soon a reality.
In a short time as Mayor of Monticello, Stoner's previous role was as a Council member. He indicates this has been a project a long time in the works and admits, there was a time he thought he might never see it to it's completion.
The city will be taking advantage of a rural development loan and the Mayor says the interest rate is very low, so it is worth taking advantage of.
Mayor Stoner explains the current facility and infrastructure has been fixed and pieced together as needed, but feels it will be a big boost to the community to get a new, updated facility going as soon as this coming spring. 

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