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More progress has been made in the past week than the previous 18 months combined on legislation to keep nuclear energy viable in Illinois, and gives Clinton's nuclear power station the opportunity to stay open long term.
State Representative Bill Mitchell says Illinois Governor giving the nod of support for the legislation earlier Wednesday is a big key in things moving forward.
Among the changes Governor Rauner has asked for is a ten-year bill rather than six. State Senator Chapin Rose says that could be a victory for Clinton if the bill passes.
According to Sen. Rose, a demand block was a huge hold up in the bill moving forward. He explains the demand block would only allow certain everyday activities to take place during blocks of the day.
Rep. Mitchell says while this is good news, he says this still has a ways to go to get through the General Assembly. Both lawmakers say right now, it's about getting the votes to get the bill passed.
Sen. Rose indicates this bill right now is very different from what was drafted just last week. He says it has so many moving parts.
Both lawmakers say this is significant progress but will await to see if the votes can be rallied this afternoon for a vote soon.

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