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City Council Plans Discussion With Area Homeowners Over Apple n' Pork Trash Costs

If you are a resident in the Center Street area of Clinton, the cost of trash for vendors on your lot is the topic of discussion for an upcoming meeting you'll be invited to attend.
At the last Clinton City Council meeting, Streets and Public Improvements Commissioner Nan Crang brought forth the discussion of what to do about the cost of trash cleanup for vendors along Center Street during the two day Apple n' Pork Festival.
The Council put that discussion off until Monday night when the consensus among Council members seemed to be the cost should fall on the homeowners with vendors on their property.
Several non-profit groups and local youth take the opportunity to set up and sell basic items that don't generate big amounts of garbage. Commissioner John Wise says those groups aren't the issue. He wants to see something done about the vendors using hot oils and big cardboard boxes.
Commissioner Crang wants to see the homeowner take on the cost because of their relationship with the vendor on their property. Mayor Roger Cyrulik sees that as an opportunity for the homeowner to want to use receptacles available but Crang just wants the streets to look the way they were before the event starts.
City Administrator Tim Followell explains this is something the homeowners in the area should already be aware of and the cost already should fall on them for the cleanup of the trash for vendors on their property, but the rules are not getting followed.
According Followell, the City attempted to contract with HRC in recent years to take the cardboard that seems to be the overwhelming problem, however, no one would take it. He is not sure there is a business that would be willing to come and take the cardboard for recycling either.
Contrary to Followell's opinion, Crang does not believe it is getting too late to inform the homeowners of Center Street of potential changes. She directed Followell and his staff to send out letters to the appropriate residents with an invitation for the next City Council meeting, April 3, to discuss the issue at hand. 

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