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Local Leaders, Businesses Celebrate Ag Day

Tuesday was Ag Day and local leaders took the opportunity to promote agriculture in the community through different avenues during a WHOW live broadcast.
President of the DeWitt County Farm Bureau, Tom Hieronymous says agriculture has changed greatly since he started farming with his father over 40 years ago. He believes technology has helped make farming more efficient.
Manager of the DeWitt County Farm Bureau, Janel Baum-Thomas, says Ag Day was a great opportunity to promote what the Farm Bureau is all about. She explains Farm Bureau is something different to everyone, but at the root of their efforts, they are a grass-roots organization.
According to Baum-Thomas, the issues at a local level are taken up and then advocated for at a state and even federal level to help maintain the interests of the farmer.
Memberships to the Farm Bureau are open to anyone, whether you are involved in agriculture directly or not. Country Financial Representative Stephan York explains you have to have a Farm Bureau Membership to get Country insurance.
Evergreen FS took Ag Day to promote their sustainability programs where they are partnering with local FFA Chapters. Travis Deppe with Evergreen FS indicates they are reaching out helping youth understand what it is to be an agronomist.
If you missed WHOW's Ag Day broadcast, hear the highlights on the morning and noon farm show in the coming weeks.

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