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DeWitt County EMA Talks Spring Alerts

When you get those weather alerts on your phone for potential weather situations, your local safety officials want you to know what each alert means.
Teresa Barnett, Director of the DeWitt County Emergency Management Agency Office explains warnings are the most severe alert you can get. She says when you receive a tornado warning on your NOAA weather radio or your phone, you need to find shelter immediately.
According to Barnett, those alerts you receive for flash flooding are not to be dismissed. She explains those can happen most often in low lying areas that could even include highways. Barnett stresses to turn around if you come across flooding.
Barnett reminds residents a 'watch' encompasses a greater amount of time with the potential for a storm of some sort to occur while a 'warning' means a storm is imminent.
Barnett reminds residents, today you'll be able to purchase a NOAA weather radio for a discounted rate and receive free help in getting it programmed at Clinton Walgreens from 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

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