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Two State Senators push against tax increase

Two Republican State Senators, Kyle McCarter of Lebanon and Dan McConchie of Hawthorn Woods, are teaming up for an alternative to talk of the stalled grand bargain in the Senate. The pair are promoting the multi-point "Taxpayer Bargain" plan for a balanced state budget. McCarter says they stand alone when it comes to offering a budget without a tax hike....
McCarter was referring to Bloomington State Senator Bill Brady's cut oriented budget plan. McCarter may remind you of Han Solo in Star Wars, who was known to say "don't tell me the odds"....
The budget plan maintains 100% of General State Aid for elemenetary and secondary education. Medicaid spending for the most vulnerable would also be shielded. State agencies and departments would make 10% across the board cuts. Medicaid and pension reform are other highlights. More details can be found on www.taxpayerbargain.com. McCarter says a similar effort is ready.

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