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Post Office Reminding of Dog, Carrier Safety

Your local mail carrier is hoping this summer while you are outside to keep your pets away from your mail carrier.
Last week was National Dog Bite Prevention Week and the United States Postal Service is reminding residents, there are too many mail carriers that know first hand the pain of having an animal attack.
Over 67-hundred postal service employees were victims of dog attacks last year, that amongs 4.5-million people that were attacked.
Dog owners are encouraged to work with their animals on obedience skills, or even, take the dog to obedience training. Dog owners are also encouraged to keep the animal inside when the mail carrier is coming by your home. 
Children are 900-times more likely to be attacked by a dog and with students likely to start being out walking home from school or people out more for walks, you're reminded to never run by a dog. A dog's instinct is to chase you. 
If you think you're going to be attacked by a dog, place something between you and the dog. If you do not have anything to protect yourself with, remain still and do not make eye-contact with the animal.
Remain motionless until the dog leaves and slowly back away.
The Post Office encourages you to talk with your local mail carrier for more on dealing with pets and postal workers. 

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