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Sheriff Shofner Educating Public on Traffic Stops

One local law enforcement official is encouraging people to watch a viral video about traffic stops.
"Lights in the Mirror" is a video produced by the Illinois Sheriffs' Association in conjunction with the FBI, and the Chief of Police Association about what to do in a traffic stop. DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner indicates while the video is directed towards teen drivers, it is beneficial for all drivers to review.
Sheriff Shofner says the best thing to do during a traffic stop is to have a positive attitude. Law enforcement officials try to correct adult driving behavior with traffic stops. A person's attitude during a stop could determine whether or not a citation is issued.
The video also covers how to properly take up a grievance with an officer. Sheriff Shofner explains grievances should be directed towards the police department.
It is important to keep your hands on the steering wheel during a traffic stop and the Sheriff notes if you get pulled over, turn on your dome light as the officer approaches your vehicle.
To view "Lights in the Mirror" visit the DeWitt County Sheriff website or Facebook page, illinoissheriffs.org, or YouTube.

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