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Clinton Chief of Police Discusses National Distracted Driving Week

Distracted driving has taken many forms over the decades and in today's world, distracted driving can range from fixing your hair to sending a picture of your latest dew to your friends on your phone.
That's why on this inaugural Distracted Driving Week in Illinois, Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says it is important everyone make a conscious effort to start putting the cell phones away while we're behind the wheel.
While many accidents are caused from distracted driving, there's many more close calls because of distracted driving. He is pushing for parents to set good examples for their children while driving.
Chief Lowers encourages smart phone users to explore settings on your messaging app or find an app that will automatically respond to messages incoming. He says the brain power and focus significantly decline when you have your phone out while driving.
Taking your pets on trips, short and long, makes the ride more enjoyable but Chief Lowers says your pet could become a distraction. He also notes there are laws in place to keep young drivers from the distractions of driving early on behind the wheel.
When taking off on a trip where you'll need to use a GPS unit or the GPS app on your phone, Chief Lowers encourages becoming familiar with the route of travel before you leave, especially if you're driving alone. He says continuously checking that GPS unit or your phone is a distraction.
If on a trip with family or friends, have the person in the passenger seat check on your messages and take any phone calls that may be incoming if you keep the phone on. 

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