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Local authorities are wishing all high school students a pleasant and enjoyable prom season but are also taking the opportunity to provide them with some basic safety reminders.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers is hoping youth will make good decisions during this prom season. He says saying no to alcohol and drugs and wearing a seatbelt should be top priorities.
While Chief Lowers says Prom is a great event and hopes all students have a great experience, he says it is always important to address students each year on making sure everyone arrives home for the night safely.
Earlier this week, students witnessed a re-enactment of a fatality accident at the high school. Chief Lowers says it was designed to demonstrate the dangers of drinking and driving. He says following that, students were addressed about those dangers and making good choices.
The Chief feels the messages they are trying to get across to the students do get received and received well. 

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