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If you follow Illinois politics on social media, you've likely seen the hashtag-PassIllinoisBudget.
A local school is asking their parents that are active on social media to follow the hastag to help send the message a budget needs to be passed. Superintendent of Warrensburg Latham Schools, Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle indicates it's an initiative taken up by Illinois Schools in light of the budget crisis facing the State.
Dr. Kendrick-Weikle says their mandated-categoricals are over a quarter-million dollars and right now they are operating without the State's revenue with the expenses still coming in.
As you make your way across central Illinois and passing schools, you might notice the scrolling marquees taking note of how much the state owes them. Dr. Kendrick-Weikle says it is a trend you might start to see more of.
Some districts in the state have the real possibility of not being able to afford to open their doors come the new school year without a state budget.
Administrators are encouraging parents and community members to contact their local legislators to implore them to get a budget passed. 

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