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The Vault is a grassroots movement by a Clinton woman to bring a place for youth to have a safe place to hang out and find help if they need it.
Michelle Witzke set out to raise approximately $60-thousand for The Vault and in community support this year she has raised triple that. She explains there is enough to close on the building on the square and get started working on sustainability.
According to Mark Witzke, they expect to close on the site in the next few weeks with getting plans together soon thereafter. He hopes to get the project going with construction around mid-to-late summer.
Michelle says the community has been a great support so far. She explains a lot of skilled labor is going to be donated which should help them save a lot of money.
Along with entertainment that has been picked out by the youth, there will be support services. Witzke envisions counseling and tutoring along with other types of support services.
Witzke says they are aiming for $440-thousand for labor and construction costs but they will need additional monthly pledges to help keep the project going and sustainable.

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