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A Clinton Board of Education member says Clinton Schools need smaller class sizes.
Ron Conner, a former administrator at Clinton High School, says he is not impressed with some of the class sizes. He says it is something he has wanted changed for better than 20 years and feels it's time he start doing something about it.
Conner says the students most impressionable ages for learning are between kindergarten and about fifth grade. He questions how students are supposed to learn and teachers are supposed to teach when there is better than 20 students in a classroom.
Working with the Board of Education on this is the goal for Conner. He believes kids in classrooms need more help and attention.
Getting more teachers in classrooms is going to cost the district. That was pointed out by John Blythe who calls it a great idea but wonders where the money is going to come from.
Other board members supported the idea. Chris Hammer says there's good teachers to be had that are not employed. He says he's willing to work with the administrators of the various buildings to get them in.
Superintendent Curt Nettles says he will work with his administrative team to find ways to get help in classrooms but cautioned, starting the process so close to a new school year would be difficult to get things done in time for the next year. 

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