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It's not the teachers. It's the Board. It's not the students. It's the sports.
That is what several School Board members say they hear about the most when they encounter community members and that is why they approved a new athletics committee Wednesday night at the Board of Education meeting.
Board President Mike Walker says the committee would work with the Superintendent, administrators and athletic director and would correspond with the athletic booster club.
Walker feels this would be a good committee to have in place. He explains there is not a lot of communication between the board of education and the athletic booster board. 
Board member Dan Matthews says the committee would also be in place to set good hiring and evaluation practices and not do something different each time a position opens up.
Matthews emphasizes the committee would not be involved in making the coaching decisions. He notes it would be in place to set the policy for those actions. 
Matthews and Walker will be on the committee. 

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