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For almost two months, the DeWitt County Board has heard from a company to come in and make energy improvements to the County's facilities. 
After Thursday night's DeWitt County Board meeting, it is apparent there are more unanswered questions than answered questions. Lance Reece, who is a part of the Property Committee, says a presentation from Smart Watt left him with more questions than answers.
County Board Chair David Newberg says they've been considering the partnership with the company for six weeks but he does not feel rushed to make a decision. He says he wants to make the right decisions.
Board members questioned how the payments to Smart Watt would work. Ferguson explains this company would allow the County Board to borrow money from them to pay for the work. Reece says the company then makes money through marking up the bidders quotes.
According to Reece, there could maintenance that would not be covered by the contract. He indicates new units such as air conditioning may not be covered under what Smart Watt does.
The Board ultimately decided to send the proposal back to the Property Committee for further investigation. 

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