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Tax day may be in the rear view mirror but that doesn't mean scams are as a local group aimed at protecting the community's seniors tells us.
Pam Schwartz with the DeWitt County TRIAD says the IRS scam continues to be the top scam they hear about through their fraud abuse hotline.
The most common scam, and perhaps one of the most well known, is called 'the grandchild scam'. Schwartz indicates the person on the other end of the line will deliver bad news about a grandchild, or even pose like the grandchild, to a senior and will gradually get more and more information from the senior voluntarily.
The other popular scam right now is the Publisher's Clearing House scam. Schwartz indicates Publisher's Clearing House never calls, they only show up at your door by surprise. 
Schwartz says the best way to deal with scam calls is to just hang up. 
If you do find yourself in a sticky situation, contact the DeWitt County Sheriff's office at 217-935-9507. You'll talk with Schwartz and she will get the information and get you in touch with a detective who will help you through it. 

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