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Clinton school leaders will investigate the possibility of more teachers in classrooms but their leaders says Clinton Schools are already in good shape and it may cost  them financially.
Superintendent Curt Nettles says Clinton Schools are in a very good position with the number of students in a classroom, however, he will assemble his administration team and look into it.
Nettles warns against the suggestion of dipping into reserves. He says when you dip into reserves too much, your reserves aren't reserves anymore. He also cautions getting too wrapped up in the fact the power plant will continue to be an asset in the community.
Nettles also points outs classroom sizes in Clinton are very favorable. When area schools could have classroom sizes regularly in the 30s, he indicates he feels fortunate to have classroom sizes that average 20 students. 
Nettles cautioned the board last Wednesday, getting so close to the start of a new school year, it would be difficult implement any findings. 

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