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Being a holiday weekend, central Illinois residents are likely to be out and enjoying what should be very nice weather.
However, there is the chance of some pop-up threatening weather and National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Miller reminds anyone planning to be outside, be aware of what the weather might bring for the day.
With a predominantly wet and cool spring to this point, time outside has not been prominent. Miller explains if a storm is to pop up this weekend, get inside. He says just because you might be on a porch with an overhang or in a garage, that does not keep you from getting struck by lighting.
Miller says if you are out somewhere without shelter, he says the best place to get for safety is your vehicle and to wait to get out and resume what you are doing until after the storm passes.
Miller says a lightning bolt that is within five miles could be a threat especially if a particular system is moving quickly. He notes it is even more dangerous if you're out in an open area. 
He reminds those planning to be outside, lightning tends to strike the tallest object around. 

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