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The Clinton Rotary Club has an annual fundraiser centered around the NFL season and it is that time of the year when they are preparing for it.
Bryce Lynch approached the Rotary Club at their Tuesday meeting about the idea of possibly changing up the fundraiser this year. He says it is essentially purchasing a card with a trio of teams, and the highest scoring trio is the winner at the end of the season.
Lynch notes the Foobtall-mania has been a good fundraiser for the Rotary Club. He explains the fundraiser has garnered between $3000 and $5000 but because of the drop off from the first year to the second, Lynch is proposing a change to the program that would help it grow. 
With involving the high school's Interact Club, concerns arose of it being a form of gambling, but Lynch says it is not. He says the tickets are technically a sale of $20 for music downloads, and the football-mania portion of the ticket is a "bonus".
The club decided on keeping the 17-week tickets being sold and discussed getting out in the community to sell the tickets during events with large gatherings. 

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