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Paying for parking in downtown Clinton will be a thing of the past after action by the Clinton City Council Monday night.
About three months ago, the Council suspended parking meters for 90 days and Monday night the Council unanimously decided the parking meters would be permanently removed. Owner of Main Street Salon, Diane Peck says there has not been much change in the availability of parking once they were suspended.
When asked what she would like to see next, Peck said she would like to see them taken out.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says the biggest factor for the parking meters is traffic flow. His concern would be tenants in downtown apartments would have the possibility of parking in front of their residence all day without consequence to move.
City Treasurer Clint Lichtenwalter says the parking meters only bring in around $6000 to $9000 in revenue each year but the Chief pointed out his staff found most of the revenue was from a small portion of the meters while maintenance on the others was greater than what they collected.
The meters will be removed and likely the poles will be as well as they are a hazard with no good way to cap the tops of them. 
Also at the Monday night Council meeting, the annual city levy was placed on file for two weeks. 

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