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Almost a half decade has been dedicated to what the future of Monticello Schools facilities should look like and officials are hoping to wrap up the planning process in the spring with a referendum.
Dr. Vic Zimmerman, Superintendent of Monticello Schools, explains the recommendation will likely not include a new high school, instead it will likely include an addition to the high school and classroom improvements, among other upgrades across the district.
After a pair of failed referendums, school officials and the Board went back to the community and Dr. Zimmerman points out, the proposed upgrades are what the community told them they  want.
Current outdoor facilities would remain the same. Dr. Zimmerman says Miller Gym can hold around 800 maximum attendees. He says when they build a gym for Washington School, they will build it big enough for high school competitive events, to hold around 1200 to 1500 people. 

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