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A local health expert has some simple things that can be done Thanksgiving Day to keep your family and friends free of foodborn illnesses.
Caitlin Huth is a Health and Wellness Educator at the University of Illinois Extension office and says one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs from the different dishes you'll be preparing is to be washing your hands a lot.
According to Huth, a Thanksgiving can go south quickly if a turkey is not cooked to the proper temperature. She says you want to make sure it meets the cooked temperature in three different spots.
A recent push from a food safety perspective has been the promotion of eliminating the practice of washing raw meat. Huth says cooking your Thanksgiving turkey without washing is simply the best practice.
Huth also recommends when you are done preparing one dish, take any utensils that may crossover for use on other dishes and wash them. Additionally, it is a good idea to wash any surfaces you are working on after the completion of each food you are working with. 

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