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The Clinton Board of Education Discusses possible changes to the amount of representation on the Board of Education Tuesday night at their monthly board meeting.
Currently, up two three representatives can be from a given township but the Board discussed a possible change to that. Board President Mike Walker points to the last election when there could have been an open position had Cole Ritter not taken out a petition.
According to John Blythe, having too many people on the Board in a certain could lead to favoring that portion of the community and recognizes the confusion that the current ruling creates when it comes to election night.
From the audience, Terry Redman spoke in favor of the comments of Blythe. He explains other smaller areas of DeWitt County that feed into Clinton wouldn't have representation on committees.
The Board directed Superintendent Curt Nettles to look into the legalities of when an appointment comes open if a fourth member of a township can be brought on the Board, otherwise, the consensus was to leave the system as is until they received further information. 

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