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The purpose of the Monticello Area Arts Council (MAAC) is to support and foster the arts in the Piatt County community and a way they're doing that this holiday season is their Mini Tree Festival.
According to Mandy Gleason from the MAAC, community members will decorate Christmas Trees that stand 4 feet or less and, for a dollar, you can vote for the tree you like the best.
Gleason adds that there were several unique trees made last year and this year there are even more groups and individuals signed up to participate.
The event kicks off Friday, November 24. You can stop in and vote on Saturday the 25th and the next two Saturdays in December the MAAC from 10 am - 4 pm. There will be activities for kids as well.
To get more information about the MAAC you can visit their website at  monticelloareaarts.org. 

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