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With the open enrollment period for Medicare Part D underway, Social Security is reminding seniors to be alert to phone scams.
Jack Myers with Social Security indicates that the most common phone scam is when someone calls claiming to be from Social Security and demands you to give them money over the phone.
Myers says that Social Security occasionally overpays individuals and will request them to send them back that money. If that happens Social Security will send a letter in the mail and will not call you on the phone. If you receive a scam and are concerned you can call Social Security to see if you were overpaid.
One tip Myers offers to individuals is to not ask the people on the other end for the Social Security phone number. The number they give you could be a part of the scam. Social Security will always communicate through writing and will not make threats against you.
To verify if you were overpaid by Social Security you can call 800-772-1213. 

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