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The Clinton Police Department is welcoming the former Chief of Police in Farmer City to their force.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers explains with changes in enforcement and prosecution of city ordinances, the hiring of Larry Woliung makes a lot of sense right now, especially because he brings a lot of knowledge in city management and code enforcement.
According to Chief Lowers, there are some 'problem properties' and calls the police's response to complaints a reactive priority. He is excited to have a law enforcement officer focused on these areas in the community.
The Chief hopes Officer Woliung's presence can be one of a peacemaker and good community relations. He explains the position will be about outreach and educating the community on the ordinances in place.
Chief Lowers says the community and it's leadership has been involved in this effort and to discuss what areas of the community to focus on. Additionally, he says this position will allow their patrol officers to keep their focus on their day to day tasks. 

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