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Nearly half a dozen accidents because of poor road conditions in DeWitt County today have prompted local authorities to remind motorists to slow down
Poor driving conditions and blowing snow on the roads has been the cause of a half dozen accidents in DeWitt County and DeWitt County Sheriff's Deputy John Gaffney indictes there have been no major injuries and most of the accidents are due to driving too fast for the conditions.
Deputy Gaffney says things aren't expected to warm up much Monday afternoon so he's advising drivers slow down and if you can, stay in. Road conditions are slick with the wind blowing snow across major roads.
Deputy Gaffney also warns against following to close to snow plows. He says give them their space to work as well. 
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 3 pm this afternoon. A Wind Chill Advisory goes into effect at 6 pm Monday evening and remains in effect until Tuesday at noon. Temperatures are expected to drop all through the night and into the morning and could see wind chills as low as 18-below zero overnight and wind chills between 10-15 below zero during the morning commute. 

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