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The DeWitt County Museum may be closed for the season, but they are busy at work for the upcoming year.
Director Joey Woolridge indicates their Board is hard at work prepping for things like the Apple and Pork Festival and even their Christmas event in another 11 months.
This month, the Homestead Board added three new board members. Wooldridge indicates the board is getting younger and they're starting to get a fresh perspective.
The DeWitt County Museum Association is sending out renewal reminders to their members. Woolridge feels one person's membership means one person is attentive to the things happening at the museum but it also shows her people care about the Homestead.
Woolridge indicates there are lots of perks to being a member at the Museum with lots of levels of membership. 
To get more information about the DeWitt County Museum, their events or membership opportunities, contact them at 217-935-6066 or visit chmoorehomestead.org. 

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