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The DeWitt County Museum was recently gifted an old phone book from 1893 in Clinton.
Director Joey Woolridge indicates it made it's way back to the CH Moore Homestead by way of an old friend. She says it is filled with lots of information about life in Clinton, Illinois and the United State's during that time.
Woolridge finds the occupations of the citizens to be fascinating. She explains a lot of the occupations from 1893 are no longer in existence.
In 1893, the railroad was a driving force in the economy and Woolridge believes part of the reason for listing occupations in the phone book gave an indication of your standing in society, a big deal in those days.
The Museum is closed for the season right now but Woolridge is sending out an invitation to anyone who would like to check out the phone book to reach out to her for a private viewing. You can contact the Homestead by calling 217-935-6066. 

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