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The library systems in the US has had to adjust to the growing use of technology in the home and the Warner Library in Clinton has done as good of a job as any in keeping up when it comes to the latest and greatest and being there with it.
From increased movie and TV show watching to on-demand material, the library has almost everything you'd find in your local movie store or retail shop. Children's Librarian Paula Lopatic says Star Wars is timelessly popular.
Despite the increasingly busy lives Americans lead and the increased use of media on our devices, the library continues to thrive and Lopatic feels it is because parents and adults continue to make the effort to keep their kids invested in literature.
Lopatic says it is still best for parents to be setting the example of reading in the home. Whether it is a printed piece of literature or if you're reading something on your phone, kids need that example set.
Lopatic reminds patrons in Clinton and DeWitt County, the Library offers both print materials and ways to access materials electronically. To learn all of those opportunities and the children's programs at the Library, just visit vwarner.org or stop by their location at 310 North Quincy Street in Clinton. 

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